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Bumble is a smartphone application that wants to meet pro-feminist.Its creator, wanted to create an app where women are no longer considered as a mere commodity.A nice way to encourage women, often more reserved, to take confidence and to start the conversation with the men that they like. Similarly, on Bumble, you can access more information about the profile of people, not just the nickname and photo.

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Its success has already won nearly 30 million people worldwide.

For it is they, and only they, to make the first move. On this almost twin dating app Tinder of where we can in the same way swipper to the left or right to accept or not a person, when the “game” is done is to miss deciding whether or not to contact the man accepted. After the countdown, the profile will never be accessible!

If you log with people of the same sex or friends, each of you can take the first step in the allotted 24 hours before the disappearance of the connection. Do not worry, it is possible to extend a connection daily for another 24 hours. Applications and dating sites continue to proliferate in recent years.

Between Tinder, Happn or Adopteunmec.com, hard hard to know which tool to look for socializing.

Instead of radio silence that generally follows the matches on Tinder, this way of having to take things in hand to a woman seems to inspire conversation. To combat the scourge of Tinder, ie a lot of games but few answers from us especially women over when Bumble match with a man, that we are women who should speak first (we find the concept of adopteunmec) but here we have only 24 hours! I will not hide that we find ourselves quickly to say “Hello” to all not to lose the game.

I found myself having semi-intelligent exchange with adult men. Besides, a lot of wind to my “Hello” probably due to the testers, curious and a few fake profiles.Bumble dating app is a new way for women to meet online without being harassed or having to deal with thousands of unwanted men, it gives power and control to women and let’s them decide who they want to meet. The aim of this new application is to give women the same experiment on Tinder but without the numerous unsuccessful requests they can receive this application.Discover Bumble, the application created by former employees of Tinder.With Bumble, we can see the profiles within 161 km and maximum select profiles up to 80 years ! Looks like France Gall is perhaps a detail for you but for me it means a lot.– The pictures are beautiful: even if you synchronize with our Facebook for faster entry, you can add other pictures in our smartphone – It’s fluid and ergonomic although some said we have trouble with profile photos that scrolls vertically – It is not known yet so many early-adopt but above all it is a hit in the US so you see a lot of Americans. much one believes in this app even if for now it is not even 100 profiles of men in Paris.The idea of putting women at the helm is not very surprising on the part of the creator of Bumble since it was itself in the position of the harassed woman of messages from his ex-colleague at Tinder. Drag the people that you like to the right, if they do the same for you, you will appear in the “hive” of connections to each other.

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