Word is updating the table of contents

So, if you create a TOC before you're done with the document, the TOC quickly becomes out of date.

To rebuild a TOC after you make changes, follow these steps: Don't forget to save your file after you update the tables.

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The table of contents is a finishing touch on long documents, such as reports, manuals, or books.

Thankfully, you don't have to create and manage one manually, as Word's built-in table of contents tool does the heavy lifting for you.

Once you’ve applied your heading styles, it’s time to insert your table of contents.

The first thing you need to do is put the cursor where you want the table of contents to appear.

The only difference between Automatic Table 1 and 2 is the title, which is “Contents” and “Table of Contents,” respectively.

Selecting either Automatic Table 1 or 2 will create the table of contents using the names of the headings.If you chose the “Manual Table” option from the “Table of Contents” drop-down menu, then it will insert a template for you that you will need to edit yourself.You may notice in this table of contents that there are sub-levels.A table of contents helps readers know what information is contained in a document, and where it is located.In Microsoft Word, a table of contents can also allow a reader to jump to a specific section of a document by clicking on a header.Each level represents a heading style in your document.

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