The settlement, which coincided with UBS's merger with Swiss Bank, together with the bank's embarrassment in the Long Term Capital Management collapse in 1998 brought a degree of closure to the issue.

Meanwhile, the firm continued its expansion to international markets, particularly the United States where SBC focused primarily on commercial banking for corporate clients.

Within Switzerland, SBC remained a full-service bank with a domestic retail banking network and an asset management business.

The impact of the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression would be severe, particularly as the Swiss franc suffered major devaluation in 1936.

The bank would see its assets fall from a 1929 peak of CHF1.6 billion to its 1918 levels of CHF1 billion by 1936.

This was followed by the 1909 acquisition of Bank für Appenzell (est.

1866) and the 1912 acquisition of Banque d'Escompte et de Dépots.Swiss Bank Corporation was a Swiss investment bank and financial services company located in Switzerland.Prior to its merger, the bank was the third largest in Switzerland with over CHF300 billion of assets and CHF11.7 billion of equity. SBC also acquired Chicago-based Brinson Partners and O'Connor & Associates.SBC remained among the Swiss government's leading underwriters of debt in the post-war years.However, by 1947 SBC was shifting its focus back to its traditional business of lending money principally to private companies as part of the postwar rebuilding of Europe.Overall, SBC saw its business grow as a result of its wartime government underwriting business.

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