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She’s in Tokyo to promote the Scott Hicks-directed movie “No Reservations”, which opens in theaters on September 29.

The Japan premiere will be held tomorrow and Zeta Jones will give a press conference on Wednesday.

The other is of the all-girls team she played in previously, consisting of a blue T-shirt with a white collar, purple lines on the sleeves, white shorts with a vertical red line on each side and waist, white socks with purple borders, and black and red football boots with white marks on them.

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The beanie is depicted as both stiff like a helmet during the battle with Bakemon She has two soccer uniforms.

One is the uniform of the soccer club she plays in with Tai, consisting of a red T-shirt with a white collar, white lines on the sleeves and a white "11" on the back and shorts with a vertical red line on each side, white socks with red borders, and black and red football cleats with white marks on them.

The last time she was here was in January 2006 to promote “The Legend of Zorro”.

A love story involving a wife who has partly lost her memory and her husband who tries to reconstruct their relationship.

She successfully undergoes surgery, but she loses only her memories with Haru.

Reeling from shock, Haru becomes aware again of just how important Kanako is to him, and he resolves to fall in love all over again with her and try to rebuild their relationship from scratch.

However, the challenge is whether he can reach her heart once again.

In light of our recent drama watching~♥, I thought it as good as a time as any to share what is without question my MOST prized~*~~* photo book of them all!! And YES as evidenced by the photo to the right ~~And funny how all those years ago, a seemingly ordinary day’s visit to one of our local Book Off locations here where I had originally gone in search of adding to my early collection of then newly found music love Tanimura Yumi….

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